Southwest Fall Cure: Week One--Weekend

Southwest Fall Cure: Week One--Weekend

Laure Joliet
Oct 17, 2008
How are you all doing on Week One? You sure look busy over on the flickr pool! Looks like you're taking stock of the kind of work you want to get done during the Cure, getting inspired and building some momentum. While next week is going to be all about getting your hands dirty, this weekend focus on what's important: a good mopping, some movement and maybe even a plan:

Deep Treatment:
One of our favorite parts about this week is getting permission to take something out of the house and put it out on the street. This week we put out some old (giant) garden pots that had been seriously cluttering up the garden. We seem to have an, ahem, abundance of garden containers. We had good intentions of giving them to a friend or selling them on craigslist, but it's been months and they were just sitting there. So out they went into the alley. They were gone in an hour. Oh the relief! Don't miss the opportunity to feel lighter and see what it does to your momentum.

• Make a complete list of repairs and solutions.
• Vacuum and mop the floors.
• Remove one item from your apartment and put it outside
• Buy Fresh Flowers (get creative here, you can add branches from the garden, fall leaves from the park, a big green leaf from a plant you have growing, etc).
• Sit for 10 minutes in a part of you home that you never sit in.
• Invest in some eco friendly cleaning products.

One Room Remedy: It's important to plot your course with actual, tangible ideas. Rip out those pages from magazines, bookmark your favorite house tour, round up those paint chips you've been saving in a drawer, put it all in one place so that you can see the patterns emerge.

• Choose one room
• Gather up a style tray
• Visit your favorite home store
• Set a budget

This week notice (from sitting in different parts of your home) where you feel good and where things feel a little stale. We did some rearranging this week after helping a friend. She was ready to get all new furniture, but wanted to test drive the new layout with the old furniture. it felt so good once we moved everything that the urgency to get new stuff passed. Then we felt so good that we started pushing things around at home. Basically, before, we never (ever!) sat on the sofa. In its new spot you can see the garden and it's against a wall so it won't slip and slide over the wood floor. We recommend doing the decluttering before you try to move furniture (it tends to be easier when it isn't covered in stuff!).

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Any challenges? Gripes? Anyone thrilled with a change they made? Anyone put something really big out on the curb? Chime in in the comments!

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