Look! Dual Subwoofers Find A Nice, Cozy Home

Look! Dual Subwoofers Find A Nice, Cozy Home

Anthony Nguyen
Oct 17, 2008

We really couldn't believe our eyes - let alone imagine how our ears would feel - when we set eyes on Vaughan's home entertainment setup. Two mighty subwoofers dominated the space like elephants on beachballs. A sight to behold. We were still in awe as we continued looking at the subtle details put together in his setup (and we're not talking just aesthetics either). Care to hear? More closeups and interview, after the jump.

"The equipment that I'm using are the Jamo Concert 803 HT system, dual MFW-15 subwoofers in satin black, a Yamaha RXV-450 (ancient, I know) and an Velodyne SMS-1. I have ordered an Onkyo 875 to replace the very old Yamaha receiver.

I think what is important to note is that I don't have big main speakers to reproduce the audible range. Instead I've opted to go with smaller bookshelf speakers and dual subwoofers to take the load of the main speakers which provides me with very low distortion, impressive dynamics and very clean bass at the listening position. One does not need big speakers to get a big sound. I have acoustic treatment on the way to help reduce the effects of echoes and other room related issues.

For those starting out with their home theater endeavors I recommend that they have a clear plan as to where the speakers will be placed and where the listening position will be. Avoid placement near room boundaries and most of all avoid sitting close to a wall as the sound waves from the speakers will reflect back towards the rear wall creating a horn-loading effect that is most undesirable. As you can see my center speaker is placed too high in relation to my left and right main speakers. If I could change one thing it would be to lower the height of the center speaker so that it is at ear level height."

We didn't even think that far. Good stuff, Vaughan. Good stuff, indeed.

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