Look!: 1 Can, 2 Can, Red Can, Blue Can

Look!: 1 Can, 2 Can, Red Can, Blue Can

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 4, 2008

While digging through some old photos, I came across one from last Spring. While out walking the dog, I found myself headed back home through the alleyway behind our house. Always having my camera on hand, I had snapped a quick photo of the trashcans that lined the pavement (they are oh so photogenic you know). Click through to see why they caught my eye....

Trashcans are obviously a way of life. And sure, there are lots of ways to go about hiding them so they aren't such a prominent feature of your home. But what happens when you don't keep your trash next to your house, and keeping it on the alleyway is just how it has to be? Do you build a stand alone "trash hut" to hold them all? Or do you ignore them and assume they are something you will always have.
I couldn't help but be reminded of Penn and Teller's BS episode on Recycling (this link does contain profanity). In this episode they have a test to see how far they can push the average homeowner. The goal was to see how many trashcans they would accept on the street before enough was enough (which was a surprising amount)
And although the premise of that show is slightly different then what's in this alley (obviously this alleyway contains one type of recycling can which is greatly needed and then regular cans), I can't help but wonder if there will be some fantastic break through in the world of trash recycling/collection soon.

Would you rather walk a few extra feet to toss your trash into a giant "block trash and recycling can" in the name of beauty? Or keep on adding new cans to the pile in order to get the recycling job done as well as the regular trash removal?

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