Green Ideas: Energy Mate Great Way To Save Energy

Green Ideas: Energy Mate Great Way To Save Energy

Range Govindan
Oct 15, 2008

It's been shown that simply having a display that shows your energy consumption will help you cut down and save money. In these frugal times, it's always best to be able to save money. British Designer Stuart Sharples came up with the Energy Mate system, making it simple to save money. Contrary to other systems, Energy Mate monitors the gas, water, and electricity usage of a home.

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These wireless sensors relay the information to a hand-held touchscreen. The data is collected and converted into the amount of money saved and the carbon footprint of the house. The designer mentions that this system can be easily retrofitted on an existing property.

The display unit has a large color touchscreen to display information about the energy consumption. It displays this graphically as well as in numbers. This happens in real time. All of this is done wirelessly, cutting down on messy cables.

There is an array of sensors available, from the traditional electricity sensors to the more exotic ultrasonic sensor to track the gas or water usage inside of pipes, a heat sensor that fits to radiators using built-in magnets, and an infrared sensor to monitor the heat. Seems pretty technical, but a little monitor that plugs in where your water, gas and electricity is calculated by the utility company might make more sense and would be cheaper. Even so, the Energy Mate will help you save lots of money by simply being around and doing what it does best: tracking your day to day energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint.

[via Yanko Design]


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